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Dutch Court Orders Facebook To Ban Celebrity Crypto Scam Ads

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An anonymous reader quotes a report from TechCrunch:
A Dutch court has ruled that Facebook can be required to use filter technologies to identify and preemptively take down fake ads linked to crypto currency scams that carry the image of a media personality, John de Mol, and other well known celebrities. The Dutch celerity filed a lawsuit against Facebook in April over the misappropriation of his and other celebrities’ likeness to shill Bitcoin scams via fake ads run on its platform.

In an immediately enforceable preliminary judgement today the court has ordered Facebook to remove all offending ads within five days, and provide data on the accounts running them within a week. Per the judgement, victims of the crypto scams had reported a total of ~$1.8M in damages to the Dutch government at the time of the court summons. It’s not yet clear whether the company will appeal but in the wake of the ruling Facebook has said it will bring the scam ads report button to the Dutch market early next month.

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